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Chrysa Lagou has studied Project Administration and Management and has a background in working in Project Management Construction companies, taking on demanding projects with strict deadlines. However, decorating has always been her passion, so she joined the world of design by studying Interior and Exterior design and decoration. She ended up doing what she loves more.

Large and smaller scale styling as well as supervising every project from the beginning to the end of the process.

What fascinates her in decorating is that she starts with the same first-time enthusiasm every single time and that every project is different. She has, thus, styled hotels and villas, renovated Airbnb rooms but also commercial spaces, while doing complete studies for new buildings as well as existing ones, suggesting affordable solutions. In addition, she takes on long distance projects, having a considerable track record in and outside Greece.

Good spirits and professionalism eliminate distances.

Chrysa Lagou

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Chrysa Lagou

Whether you are a fan of minimalism or a classic style enthusiast, you will receive ideas and advice from our collaboration so that the final result showcases your space and reflects your personality. From modern to industrial and from rustic to 60s style, we will find the style that suits you best, avoiding stylistic mistakes.

Every space has its own vibe and perspective, this meaning that a villa must be renovated without losing its historical character. In an Airbnb room however, utility and comfort must be first priority while in a newly built construction, the sky is the limit.

Materials, color palette, space layout, furnishing selection, lighting are just a few of the elements we can work on, either in a completed project or suggestions and affordable solutions for individual spaces.


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